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Are you currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Education or a related discipline and looking for a more professional experience than the traditional TEFL course? Would you like to grow your international career portfolio and bring your teaching skills to a higher level? We have the perfect fit for you; our Teaching Internship!

LanguageCorps offers a two-month Teaching Internship. It is a unique and perfect way to gain professional experience and dip your toes into the world of teaching ESL abroad. This program includes the traditional four-week TEFL Certification Course followed by a four-week Teaching Internship. Join a vibrant environment of national and international teachers with us!

Our Teaching Internship program includes the following:

  • 4-week, 150-hour TEFL Certification Training + Official Certificate
  • 4-week Teaching Internship
  • Professional guidance from an internationally qualified adviser
  • Private room with a host family with breakfast and dinner included
  • One week of housing in-between your TEFL course and your Internship in which you can explore the country
  • 1 hour of private Spanish classes during your 4-week internship
  • Airport pick-up

During your Internship, you will work alongside professional ESL instructors from Monday to Friday, 4-6 hours a day. One hour of private Spanish classes is included, so your Spanish proficiency will also highly improve.

Your Internship Adviser will give you guidance and meet with you on a weekly basis to discuss the process of your final project; a written 10-20 pages paper and/or a 1-Hour PowerPoint presentation in which you outline the results of your internship. In today’s competitive job market, international internships add just that extra spark to your resume to stand out from other applicants!

Our Teaching Internship Program is offered in Costa Rica, Guatemala and Peru. Please refer to the individual country pages for pricing details.

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