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Want to Teach English in Latin America?


Teach English in Latin America

Our programs in Central and South America are popular options for people who have varied levels of fluency in Spanish and want to improve, or who are interested in immersing themselves in a Latin culture. A mix of old world elegance, indigenous cultures, and breath-taking scenery make our Latin American locations very attractive. As a teacher in Latin America, you can easily live well by local standards – dining out, traveling, and enjoying all that the region has to offer.

Wherever you end up, teaching in Latin America is guaranteed to be one of the most interesting and rewarding experiences of your life. While all of our programs in Central and South America differ, you have the option of adding Spanish lessons (or Portuguese lessons for our Brazil program) before, during, or after your TEFL course.

Live and Teach in Latin America

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Welcome to Buenos Aires – a city whose nine million inhabitants enjoy a cultural sophistication exhibited in its Parisian architecture, Italian heritage, and European feel. The training center is located in the downtown area of the capital, only half a block from the famous Florida Street. It is surrounded by shops, cafés and many historical buildings, and easy to access from any part of town. The LanguageCorps center is walking distance from the most important and popular areas of the city, and there is sure to be something for everyone in “el centro”./fusion_text]

Teach in Argentina
Teach English in Argentina
Teach English in Brazil

Brazil is the world’s fifth-largest nation, and contains within it all the diversity one would expect: dazzling beaches, lavish forests, diverse and colorful communities. Rio de Janeiro is among the most cosmopolitan centers in Brazil. The vast, modern metropolis perches between stunning beaches and graceful mountains. Magnificent views are everywhere, especially at sunrise.

Teach in Brazil

The country of Chile stretches from the stark Atacama Desert near the Peruvian border, through the lush vineyards of the central region, south to the frozen fjords of Patagonia. Its capital, Santiago, nestles in a valley at the foot of the Andes.

The Training Center is conveniently located in Providencia, an upscale neighborhood of tree-lined residential streets, high-rise office buildings, and plenty of shopping and restaurants. The Center is only a few blocks from the city’s sparkling metro system, and a five-minute walk from Suecia, a five-block hotspot hosting dozens of restaurants and nightclubs.

Teach in Chile
Teach English in Chile
Teach English in Costa Rica

The Training Center in Costa Rica is in Manuel Antonio, which is located on the Pacific Coast, adjacent to Manuel Antonio National Park. The region is known for international surfing championships and easy access to swimming, snorkeling, horseback riding, jungle hiking, wildlife photography, and more. The center itself is in an area that features a nice blend of residential and commercial venues, with restaurants and shops. The school has free access to computers with high speed internet, and a nice snack bar serving complimentary coffee and tea daily. The facilities and computers are open seven days a week, including holidays.

Teach in Costa Rica

With Volcano Pichincha to the west, and the steep canyon of the river Machangara to the east, Quito is divided into Old and New cities. The Old has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site based on its astounding colonial architecture, while the New thrives in business and shines with modernity. Teach English in Ecuador and explore all this great country has to offer.

Teach in Ecuador
Teach English in Ecuador
Teach English in Guatemala

Anyone who has visited Guatemala knows that it’s a magical place, but we can’t help to wonder: Is it its people, nature, markets and abundance of colors, impressive volcano views, interesting rituals and ceremonies, its unique -although often painful – history, or is it the food that does it? Everything is equally impressive, but you need to visit the country yourself understand why visitors quickly become fans.

Teach in Guatemala

One of the most beautiful and fascinating cities in Latin America, Oaxaca (pronounced wah-HAH-kah) was recently voted one of the top ten destinations in the world by Travel and Leisure magazine – number 1 in Latin America. Given Oaxaca’s year-round spring-like climate, moderate size, and convenient proximity to outlying villages and archaeological sites, this is hardly surprising.

Teach in Mexico
Teach English in Mexico
Teach English in Panama

Amongst many other things, Panama is a meeting place. As the southernmost country in Central America, Panama begins to bridge the gap between North and South America. The Panama Canal introduces the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific. Between the two coastlines, lush tropical rainforests meet modern and thriving cities. Within Panama City, the historical beauty of Casco Viejo and the Old Panama Ruins co-habitate with cosmopolitan bars, restaurants and shopping. North meets south, old meets new, nature meets civilization, in one of the most exciting and unique destinations in Latin America.

Teach in Panama

The beauty of its various landscapes, the abundance of its wildlife, its rich and diverse cuisine, and the strong and colorful character of its people make Peru, arguably, the most exciting of all South American nations. Participants live, study, and find work in one of the most sacred, ancient cities in the country; once known as being the commercial center for the powerful Incan empire, has transformed into one of the most modern and exciting, while still emanating the energy of the native people in its architecture, and ancient ruins-this special city is Cusco, Peru.

Teach in Peru
Teach English in Peru

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There has never been a better time to teach English in Latin America. The availability of paid teaching positions remains high in all of our international locations. Find out more about the incredible opportunities to teach English in Latin America by clicking on one of the countries above, or feel free to email, call, or write us for more information.

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