For Parents of Younger LanguageCorps Teachers

LanguageCorps provides a cohesive network of services for young adults interested in the adventure of teaching abroad (see About Us). Our goal is to help mitigate the risk often associated with living and working in a new part of the world, far from home – insuring our teachers enjoy a secure, rewarding adventure.


In this new global age, there can be anxiety for those whose loved ones choose to travel overseas. We fully understand that as parents, the safety and security of your children is always the top priority.

That’s why LanguageCorps works for our Teachers, not for the schools employing them. We take a number of steps to assure that our Teachers are provided with the most reliable information with which they can make responsible and intelligent decisions affecting their safety and security – along with the essential, comprehensive 24-7 support necessary to assure their success and security.

For the long-term security of everyone, we must become more knowledgeable about the world and more understanding of its many cultures. LanguageCorps facilitates the development of culturally responsive “citizen diplomats,” who appreciate cultural differences, foster mutual respect, and encourage understanding among diverse peoples.


LanguageCorps Teachers return home not only world-travelers: they gain an unrivalled combination of life-experience and intercultural exposure, all while avoiding many of the hazards, pitfalls, and logistical hurdles that might otherwise plague them on their journey.

LanguageCorps Teachers return from their international adventure with new perspectives, broad experience, and essential career-skills: independence, collaborative skills, self-reliance, and interpersonal communication skills. (see Careers).  Besides, LanguageCorps’ career advice isn’t limited to the duration of the Certification Program. We have a comprehensive Re-Entry Guide available for our TEFL graduates with valuable tips on how to re-integrate back home and use the internationally gained experience to expand professional and educational careers.


U.S. State Department Living Abroad Tips

U.S. Embassies

Centers for Disease Control Travelers’ Health

NAFSA Association Of International Educators

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