We are always interested in hearing people’s motivation to teach English abroad. The reasons are quite diverse, they can be both personal and professional. Here are the 8 most common reasons become an ESL teacher in a foreign country. It is a mix of our personal international experiences, conversations our admissions team has with potential teachers on a daily basis, and feedback from TEFL alumni.

Enjoy and get inspired!

By teaching English to the local community, you’re offering a service that will help people position for better professional and academic opportunities. It’s a very specific skill that can help make a big difference in people’s lives. Learning English will enable people to pass international English exams, qualify for better jobs and profit from the local tourism. It is a great opportunity for you to make an impact and do something substantial while exploring the world.

In a relatively short time span, you will be trained to be a professional teacher of the English language. Whether you pursue a future career as a teacher or not, the skills that you will learn during your TEFL course are extremely valuable in all different kinds of occupational areas. Time management, leadership, flexibility and adaptability, patience, relationship building, knowledge of other cultures and languages, problem-solving, the ability to design realistic lesson plans, public speaking, are just a few of the skills that you can add to your resume after teaching for some time!

Our world is rapidly becoming ‘just a little village inside the universe’ and we are constantly in contact with other people from all over the world. How wonderful would it be if you were able to speak their language! If you could find out just a bit more about their culture and way of life (or can actually adequately understand what they say if you ask for directions..) Besides, because of the globalization, companies are extremely eager to hire people who speak other languages. And, learning a new language is excellent brain training, satisfying and fun! 😊

So you want to apply for a Master’s program? Great! One way to stand out is to have international (professional!) experience. It not only shows that you’re independent, entrepreneurial and have the ability to adapt to a whole new environment, but it also shows your service to local communities through teaching English. Check out this page with more information about possible career paths after LanguageCorps.

You can shut down your couch surfing membership as you will have friends from all over the world. People who travel and live abroad usually have that ‘mi casa, su casa’ mentality. TEFL’ers make friends for life. You will bond very quickly and often intense friendships spring to life within a couple of weeks, as you’re all in the same boat; being away from home, sometimes missing family and friends, and of course adjusting to a new culture. Nowadays, staying in touch is super easy, and when you’re feeling reminiscent, it’s nice to know you can easily get in contact with the people you met abroad and take a trip down memory lane. Don’t be surprised if you make new adventures by meeting each other elsewhere in the world!

Apart from the expat community, the locals you meet will often keep their doors open should their ‘teacher’ come back. And who knows, you might show them around in your home country someday!

Along with all the people that you’ll meet on your journey, there will certainly be people to serve as great references for other interesting job opportunities abroad. Connect to people on LinkedIn, you never know which doors will open in the future!

Keeping a group of students entertained and focused requires some serious management skills. You need to lead the class, constantly. Whether they are adults or kids, a group or just one individual, running a classroom isn’t easy and takes some self-confidence, creativity and improvisation. Having experience managing a group of people -especially with those who do not speak the same language as you – will be very beneficial for your future career, no matter what direction you’re going!

AND THEN, last but not least… Are you familiar with that sensation of being in love with the world? Feeling incredibly fortunate and thankful for the opportunities brought to you? Having your senses sparked by new impressions on a daily basis? Getting to understand the expression ‘travel bug’ is a wonderful experience only brought on by being abroad, and living your life to the fullest. It’s an experience that will always stay with you, lighting up your eyes every time you talk about it. And an experience that you will never regret!

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