On Friday, Aug 3, 2012, it was announced that despite adding some 163,000 jobs to the public and private sector, the US unemployment rate has once again moved slightly up to 8.3 percent, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The news has been received with mixed emotion in the United States.  Predictably, President Obama and his administration are touting the numbers as a small success, with the number of added jobs surpassing most forecasts, while likely Republican party nominee Mitt Romney says the news is “a hammer blow to struggling middle-class American families.”

Despite adding private sector jobs for 29 straight months, the US unemployment rate has remained above 8 percent for 42 months, suggesting that as usual, the truth probably lies somewhere between Republican and Democratic rhetoric.

At LanguageCorps, we have just one message to those of you out there that are experiencing the struggling US (or European) economy firsthand: keep an open mind!

Consider looking outside your home country’s borders.  Give some thought to programs that you might have overlooked before.  Now is a great time to travel, to volunteer, to do something meaningful.  Teaching English Abroad is of course a great example of one way to beat the recession.  But it’s not the only way!

So don’t let 8.3 percent employment get you down!  There are still plenty of options out there.  You just might have to re-examine what you have traditionally thought of as the job market.

Read the story on NPR: http://www.wbur.org/npr/157826114/163-000-jobs-added-in-july-but-unemployment-rate-ticked-up-to-8-3-percent

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