I’m sure you are well aware that the Olympics are starting up in London as we speak!  We just wanted to say hello to all of the LanguageCorps participants currently teaching English abroad!  Wherever you are, hopefully you’ll be able to catch some of the games, and enjoy the spirit of internationalism celebrated by the Olympics.  World travel and teaching English abroad have a lot in common with the message behind the Olympics (or at least the intended message, when you leave the politics out of it), so what a perfect time to reflect on the meaning behind the work that we do!

Not only is teaching English abroad an amazing experience, but it helps to make our world just a little bit smaller, and bring together people from different countries, cultures and backgrounds that might otherwise never have the chance to interact!  While the Olympics might have the bigger world stage (okay, they definitely do:) we’re happy to play our small part in bringing the world together, one classroom at a time.

Hopefully some of our teachers might even have the opportunity to enjoy some of the Olympic spectacle first hand!  Are you teaching English in Europe right now and planning on venturing to London?  We would love to hear from you!  Shoot an email to info@languagecorps.com with any photos or stories that you would like to share.

But whether your catching the games first hand in London or via an early morning broadcast in Asia, enjoy this celebration of international spirit!  It only comes once every four years, and who knows where you’ll be living next time?

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