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TESOL Destination Spotlight: China

China is quite possibly emerging as the next great super power of the modern era.  But the good news is, instead of making the rest of the world learn Chinese, they seem okay with the idea of learning English!  China is one of the strongest TESOL markets in the world right now, and LanguageCorps TeachChina program can guarantee accepted applicants a good paying job with benefits at one of many reputable schools throughout the country!

Requirements and Qualifications

China is one of the stricter locations in terms of qualifications to teach English as a foreign language.  A reputable TESOL certification is almost always required to teach English in China, and depending upon location, you will probably be required to hold a college degree and be at least 21 years old.  Some schools will also look for previous teaching experience.


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Teaching Opportunities

China’s economic boom has led to a wide variety of TESOL opportunities popping up across the country!  Most job placements are in private schools, teaching elementary and middle school ages, though classroom demographics will vary by location.  Chinese students are typically very respectful of their teachers, and you may find that you receive an extra degree of reverence due to your status as a foreigner!

It’s All About the Benjamins  

Through LanguageCorps TeachChina program, you are guaranteed a job placement with benefits, making up to 6200 MB/month, and FREE accommodations for the duration of your teaching assignment.  Your salary will be equal to about $1,000 USD, which probably doesn’t sound like a lot, but it is enough to live quite comfortably in China.  Additionally, some employers will reimburse your airfare upon successful completion of a contract (usually 10-12 months), and many teachers supplement their income by giving private tutoring sessions on the side.


From the bustling metropolis of Beijing (population 22 million) to the deserts of Mongolia and the tropical Macau peninsula in the South China Sea, China really is a land of contrasts.  Most of us in the West know and love Chinese food a little too well, but don’t expect to easily find the Americanized version in China!  There is a wealth of exciting food to try at the night markets for the adventurous, including a wide variety of bugs and rodents.  As their economy has grown, rich meats and sugar have become more popular in China, but rice and vegetables still make up a large portion of the typical Chinese diet.  There’s really no telling what you’ll find, but one thing is for sure, China will expand your horizons!


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Is China right for me?

The guaranteed job placement provided by LanguageCorps TeachChina program is appealing for a lot of people, but you might be in for a bit more of a culture shock, especially compared to TESOL destinations in Europe and Latin America.  However, LanguageCorps staff is always available for support, which goes a long towards making you feel at home.  So if you are looking for a challenge, and up for stepping out of your comfort zone, China is definitely for you!

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