Former teachers often find themselves nostalgic for the rewarding and fulfilling nature of teaching (although less so for some aspects of the American educational system). Whether you are retired or have left the teaching field because of the high stress of the American educational system and are thinking of going back to teaching, you might want to consider teaching English abroad.

As a former teacher, you are a great candidate for earning your TESOL Certificate (Teaching English as a Second Language) and finding the perfect job overseas. You already have the knowledge and expertise to take your skill set to the next level. Teaching English abroad is a highly rewarding experience that broadens your horizons and introduces you to and immerses you in a foreign culture.

Teaching English abroad has a multitude of advantages that former teachers benefit from. Unlike teaching in the States, teachers abroad enjoy flexibility and have the freedom to choose their schedules, contracts, and teaching locations. This leaves plenty of free time to travel, soak in the culture, or just kick back and relax. Teacher schedules are not nearly as rigid as they are in the States.

It is not uncommon for teachers in the United States to be required to teach multiple subjects. With so many different curriculums and materials this can become hectic. Teaching abroad is a lot less stressful as you are only teaching one subject: English (unless you choose to teach additional subjects). In general, teachers abroad are highly respected and students are highly motivated to learn English in order to improve their lives or careers.

Lastly, former teachers enjoy the job security associated with teaching English abroad. Unlike in the American education system, there are plenty of jobs for former teachers available abroad. There is a high demand for English teachers in foreign countries.

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