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Teaching English Abroad: Want to See What You’re Missing Out On?

Brandon is a 20 something guy from Florida, and a self proclaimed Ginger.

This August, he packed up and headed off to Southeast Asia with his girlfriend Hope, to teach English in Vietnam with LangaugeCorps. They arrived a few weeks prior to the start of their TESOL course in Cambodia, so that they could explore the area a bit before starting class, and Brandon was kind of enough to send over a couple epic videos from their initial travels in Thailand. Certainly looks like a good time, and it makes me miss Southeast Asia!

Here’s what Brandon had to say:

We are excited to be a part of LanguageCorps and start a new chapter of our lives in SE Asia! Hope and I were so excited, in fact, we decided to come over 5 weeks early. Since we’ll be taking classes in Cambodia and teaching in Vietnam, we figured we’d hit up Thailand beforehand. This is a quick video recap of our first week in northern Thailand. We took a road trip from Chiang Mai to Pai and this is just a glimpse. Looking forward to meeting everyone and creating more memories next month!

Everything from dogs, chickens, and goats running free through the streets, Thailand is an amazing country! This is all leading up to our TESOL class in Cambodia with LanguageCorps next month.

You can check out more videos and stories from their adventure teaching English abroad at

Video #1:

A summary of our month in Thailand focusing on the people and the culture. Video shot with a Nikon D5100.  {Some seriously awesome street market food shots in this one!}

And Video #2!

Couple of gingers with a GoPro in Thailand…everything from SCUBA to hanging with tigers.

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