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Teaching English Abroad Can Be Lucrative Too

It’s a question we get asked often.  “I’m interested in teaching English abroad with LanguageCorps, but I need to make some money too!  Where should I go?”

In short, Asia might be your best bet.

Take this email we just received from a LanguageCorps graduate who is currently teaching English in Vietnam, for example:

“Yes, I did stay in Ho Chi Minh City. It’s a great city, and I have met a lot of people here who have gotten TESOL certified through LanguageCorps. It’s nice to have such a strong base of people in one place. Cost of living here is still pretty low. My place is 800 USD/month, and I share it with 2 other people. There are definitely places that are much cheaper here as well. My salary is pretty good too! Once I start getting more hours, I will be making a good amount of money and will be able to save a bit each month.”

Generally speaking, Asia is the most lucrative region to teach English abroad.  In Europe and Latin America, teachers will make enough money to cover their monthly living expenses, but there probably won’t be a whole lot leftover for savings, travel, etc, unless you’re creative and teach private lessons on the side.

However, in Cambodia, China, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam, teachers make enough money to cover their monthly essentials (housing, food, etc), and still have a significant chunk available for recreation and savings.

Ultimately, where you decide to teach English abroad comes down to one question: where are you most excited to visit, explore and live?  If a particular region is interesting to you, then you shouldn’t write it off just because another region might be more lucrative.  But the reality is, finances are going to play a role in most people’s decision to teach English abroad.  So if your salary is an important factor to you, then definitely take a good look at teaching English in Asia!

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