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Winners of the 2014 Teach Abroad Media Contest

Another year has gone by, and we are pleased to announce the winners of the annual LanguageCorps teach abroad media contest!  We want to sincerely thank everyone that sent in their photos, videos and writing.  We were once again blown away by the quality of the submissions we received, and picking three winners was very difficult.

While there were plenty of submissions that could have have just as easily made the cut, we felt like the work below provided great examples of the diverse range of experiences that our participants share during their time teaching English abroad.

But enough talk, let’s get to the winners!

1. Video Contest:

Brandon Hurley – Cambodia 2014/2015

Thanks for a really fun video Brandon!  Check out more from his experience teaching English in Asia on his YouTube Channel.

2. Photo Contest:

Sydney McLoughlin – Thailand 2011

From Thailand to Bolivia to Peru, we thought that Sydney’s gallery showed a great variety of interesting locations and dramatic scenery.  Really shows just how much one can see while teaching English abroad!  Check out more of Sydney’s photos on her Flicker page.

Salt Flats in Bolivia














Salt Flats in Boliva

6th Grade Class in Thailand

6th Grade Class in Thailand

Huacachina, Peru

Huacachina, Peru

3. Writing Contest:

Caroline Spall – Thailand 2013/2014

Another tough call, but we really enjoyed Caroline’s whimsical take on why she decided to teach English abroad:

When I was younger, we lived by the sea.

In those days, as the sunlight seeped down the street signs and lit upon the palms bent over the alleyways as it does only in the death of the afternoon, my brother would hang onto the bars of the old umbrella clothesline behind the empty apartment building at the end of our street and I would spin it as fast as I could.

To be young, I have heard, is to live free of the concept that you will one day be less free than you are right now.

The twilight would rust and fail quietly in these days. We would walk back up the street the way we came as the moon draped our cleft of the universe in red wine, and everything was slow and warm; men biked down the middle of the road in their business clothes, a baguette in one hand and loafers in the milk carton strapped to the handlebars. We would sneak cherry tomatoes from our neighbor’s garden sprawling into the sidewalk as we passed. We would crow Hello! to Penny Lane, the three-legged street cat as she sniffed at our feet. We would spray the garden hose between each other’s toes, crusted with the salts of the Earth. These were the urban sundowns of my youth.

Read the rest of her essay here:

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