Photographic Memoirs of a Traveling Teacher: Part Two

Today, I am happy to bring to you the second part of Chris Johnson’s photo series, taken in 2009 while he was Teaching English in Thailand.  We received a lot of positive responses about the first series, so enjoy.  They are some great photos!

Thaiwand Wall, Railey Peninsula – Krabi, Thailand

Over another holiday we took a trip to the south of Thailand to see what the beaches of Krabi, Thailand held for us. Krabi turned out to be one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. It is a special place for me as it is home to some of the best limestone rock climbing in the world.

Limestone cliffs of stalactites, tufas, and pockets line the stretch of the Railey peninsula in Krabi. In this photo, we hiked 40 minutes from our beach bungalows through the hills to the top of Thaiwand Wall which overlooks the Railey Peninsula. In this photo you can see both Tonsai beach (to the left) and Railey West beach (to the right).

Krabi, Thailand

Krabi, Thailand

Tales of Power, Phra Nang Beach – Krabi, Thailand

Of course my favorite part of traveling to Krabi (and the reason why I made 3 return visits) is the quality of the rock climbing.

In this photo, beach goers look on as a make an ascent of Tales of Power, 7a, on Phra Nang beach. The climbing here is powerful and overhung, which is exactly my style!

Krabi, Thailand

Rock Climbing in Krabi, Thailand

Rock Climbing in Krabi, Thailand
















Leap of Faith – Krabi Thailand

The limestone cliffs of Thailand aren’t just for climbing. In this photo I take a leap of faith off of a 40 foot cliff into the sea below.

Phra Nang Beach, Krabi, Thailand

Cliff Jumping in Krabi, Thailand

Cliff Jumping in Krabi, Thailand
















Railey Sunset – Krabi, Thailand

In addition to boasting some of the most exciting day time activities, Krabi also offers one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. Railey West beach is often referred to as “Sunset Beach” and for good reason. After a long day of rock climbing and cliff diving we relax with a cocktail and watch the sunset.

Railey West Beach, Krabi, Thailand

Beautiful Sunset on Railey West Beach in Krabi, Thailand

Railey West Beach in Krabi, Thailand
















Wind Turbine Discovery – Sikku, Thailand

One of my favorite parts of living in a foreign country is exploring the less traveled countryside. On one long weekend, a group of friends and I rented a car and drove out in search of the fabled boulder fields of Sikku, Thailand, about 2.5 hours northeast of Bangkok. On the way we sighted this beauty of a wind turbine. With all of the hustle, bustle, and pollution of Bangkok, it was nice to be out in the country and see a safe, practical attempt at energy conservation.

Somewhere near Sikku, Thailand.

Wind turbine in Sikku, Thailand

Discovery of a wind turbine in Sikku, Thailand

Granite Beach Boulder Heaven – Koh Tao, Thailand

On yet another holiday from teaching English we took a week long vacation to the island of Koh Tao in southern Thailand. Koh Tao is particularly interesting as it is littered with thousands of granite boulders. This is of particular interest as most of Thailand is limestone. In addition to being graced with boulders on the shore, the ocean floor is also littered with these babies which makes Koh Tao one of the most popular scuba diving destinations in the world.

However, as I am a rock climber, my draw was of course to climb the boulders! Good Time Adventures, an adventure shop located on the tourist end of the island offers crash pad rentals, guiding service, and information on the best climbing areas Koh Tao has to offer. After pointing me in the right direction I found plenty of beautiful places to climb.

Koh Tao, Thailand

Granite Beach Boulder Heaven - Koh Tao, Thailand

Granite Beach Boulder Heaven - Koh Tao, Thailand


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