Photographic Memoirs of A Traveling Teacher: Part Three

I’m pleased to present today the third and final installment of Chris Johnson’s photo journal, “Memoirs of A Traveling Teacher.”  Chris was a winner of the LanguageCorps Southeast Asia media contest a couple years ago, and his fascinating photos and journals are a great example of how much is possible while Teaching English Abroad.

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Motorcycle Tour Through Vietnam – Central Highlands, Vietnam

Motorcycle trip through Vietnam

Motorcylce tour through Vietnam - Central Highlands

During our summer break from teaching English abroad we took a 2 week trip to Vietnam. One of the highlights was a 3 day motorcycle trip through the central highlands of Vietnam.

The Dalat Easyriders are an unofficial group of Vietnamese tour guides that drive large, antique motorcycles through Southern Vietnam. We had the pleasure of hiring 2 guides to take us on a 3 day trip from Dalat to Saigon by way of the central highlands.

In this photo you get a bit of a glimpse of what the trip was like.

Central Highlands, Vietnam

Motorcycle Layback – Central Highlands, Vietnam

Laying back on a motorcycle while touring Vietnam

Laying back on a motorcycle while touring Vietnam

The motorcycles were quite comfortable for the passengers.

Here, I lay back on my overstuffed backpack which acts as a nice pillow.

Central Highlands, Vietnam

Rice Paper Out to Dry – South Vietnam

Race Paper out to Dry in South Vietnam

Rice Paper out to Dry in South Vietnam

On our motorcycle trip we made frequent stops at local villages to see how the people of South Vietnam make a living. One family spends their days making rice paper for food.

Here, the rice paper is laid out along the front of the house to dry in the Vietnamese sun.

Somewhere in South Vietnam

Sapa Hill Tribe – Sapa, Vietnam

The Sapa Hill Tribe in Vietnam

The Sapa Hill Tribe in Vietnam

In addition to exploring the south we also explored the north of Vietnam. In particular we traveled to the small mountain town of Sapa. While here we explored waterfalls, rolling hills, and fields of rice paddies. While off exploring rice fields we ran into this local who was carrying her goods from her smaller village into town. The road that she is walking is extremely steep and we had a hard time navigating down it safely. Here, the hill tribe woman floats up the hill with no problem!

Sapa, Vietnam

Relaxing on a Junk Boat – Lan Ha Bay, Vietnam

Relaxing on a junk boat in Vietnam

Relaxing on a Junk Boat in Vietnam

From the mountains to the beach! After Sapa we traveled to the Ha Long Bay region of Vietnam where we discovered a sea of limestone islands erupting out of the water. On one particularly beautiful day we rented a traditional Junk Boat to take us out into Lan Ha Bay, just off the coast of Cat Ba island. We spent the day sun bathing on the roof of the boat as well as riding off in kayaks in search of untouched private beaches!

Lan Ha Bay, Vietnam

Rooftop Thunder Storm – Bangkok, Thailand

Lighting storm in Bangkok

Lightning storm in Bangkok

When it rains in Bangkok it TRULY rains. One of my favorite parts of our apartment complex was the covered roof deck that gave a stunning view of Bangkok skyline. The best way to view the Bangkok Skyline is at night when the lights of the city illuminate under the smog to produce an almost surreal feeling. Add in a thunder storm and you will truly experience the magic that is the Bangkok night skyline.

For this photo I used a quick shutter to capture lighting striking on the Bangkok skyline during a thunder storm. I’ve been trying to capture a lighting photo for a while and I’m very pleased with how this one came out!

Loy Krathong – Lumpini Park, Bangkok, Thailand

Every year thousands of Bangkok residents flock to the various rivers, lakes, and ponds of the city for the annual Loy Krathong festival. During this festival you are to float small boats made of banana leaves, flowers, incense sticks, and candles along with a small coin in a body of water whether its the Chao Phraya River, or simply a small neighborhood pond. Floating the boat in the water is supposed to bring you good fortune and luck.

Here, we pose with our boats in Lumpini Park before lighting our candles and sending them off to sail.

Lumpini Park, Bangkok, Thailand

Loy Krathong - Lumpini Park, Bangkok, Thailand

Loy Krathong - Lumpini Park, Bangkok, Thailand



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