Let’s face it. There comes a moment in just about every adult’s life when change is necessary. More often than not, this change involves your career. If you’re feeling stuck in your current career, and starting to consider alternative paths, teaching abroad might be just the right solution.

Maybe you never really knew what you wanted to do with your life, or maybe your goals and desires have simply changed with time. In any case, if you feel that your current occupation holds you back and does not fulfill your need for personal expression, creativity and deeper meaning, it’s time to look elsewhere.

Why do you feel the urge to switch your career path to a more meaningful one? And what could a new job offer you? Let’s explore the most common reasons and the ways in which teaching abroad can meet your desire for a more satisfying lifestyle.

#1 Find (and follow) your true calling

You wouldn’t be the first person to admit that you do what you do because things just worked out this way. In today’s corporate dominated world, many people can’t find their true calling and resort to doing what’s “acceptable” but not truly desirable.

Having worked for a few years, you probably know by now if your job does not match your personality and does not bring you satisfaction. But you have every right to demand that it does. With more life experience under your belt than when you first started, you are much more prepared to make a conscious decision about your career path.

Making the decision to enter a new professional field can be a daunting task though. It takes a lot of courage to leave behind a sphere of activity in which you felt comfortable, even if you it does not necessarily make you happy. But you should know that it’s never too late for a career change.

Teaching English abroad presents a great opportunity to discover your true interests, especially if you are fond of traveling and exploring new places and cultures. It might even turn out to be the true calling you’ve been looking for all along.  For some people, six months or a year teaching abroad turns into several years, and eventually becomes a life long career. 

#2 Be challenged

Cambodian children can be your first students

Children in Cambodia

Even if you liked your current job when you first started, you may have come to realize that it has run its’ course. No one wants their job to feel boring, repetitive, or meaningless, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. Everybody needs development – both personal and professional, and it’s only normal that certain activities eventually become stale, and that’s exactly when you should make way for new experiences.

Teaching abroad can bring you the challenge you crave. Whether you choose teaching programs in Costa Rica, Cambodia or Russia, you’re guaranteed exposure to new challenges, which will help you hone new skills and grow as a person.  

Learning to not only cope, but flourish, in a completely new environment, all the while teaching others, you won’t have a choice –  you will grow and learn quickly. From cultural acceptance and openness, to improved communication and new leadership skills, you will get the biggest personal and professional boost you can imagine.

Plus, there is so much choice in terms of teaching locations, that with a bit of good research and preparation you’ll be on your way to the greatest and most meaningful challenge of your career.

#3 Escape the rat race

It’s a busy, crazy world, and we all know it. While trying to meet the demands of your family, colleagues, bosses, clients and even friends, you can simply get lost. Many people experience burnout because of stress and lack of personal and professional satisfaction, combined with heavy external expectations.

If you’ve reached the point where you simply want to break away from this hamster wheel, teaching abroad can be the perfect solution. Dropping everything and moving across the world might seem like complete madness at first, but only until you realize how many opportunities this presents you with.

First of all, changing the place you live can have a great therapeutic effect. You can switch off all the noise from your stressful environment and focus on making meaningful personal development. You can get away from the harmful external conditions that led you astray. It’s the perfect escape from a busy goal-oriented environment.

Mexico can be your new home if you decide to teach abroad there

Mexico can be your new home if you decide to teach abroad there


Furthermore, you can enter a healing process for yourself when you teach in a place like Cambodia or Mexico. Such countries can teach you to value what truly matters in life – experiences and relationships, rather than wealth and material gains. Learning to appreciate life as it comes will help you develop gratitude and reduce anxiety. While teaching abroad, you can truly enrich your own perceptions and values and broaden your perspective on what is truly important to you.

#4 Make a difference

Many teachers of English abroad choose this path because they yearn for deeper meaning in their job. Naturally, this urge comes from the realization that you spend most of your life working. Then it makes complete sense to handpick your work activity with purpose and care. Combining the process of “making a living” with the desire to affect people’s lives in a positive way is a challenge that many conscious and caring people face these days.

If you share this desire, teaching in a developing nation can certainly be fulfilling. Children in developing countries will benefit greatly from your teaching, oftentimes more than you can even imagine. Learning English can open many doors for a person in difficult circumstances, and playing an active role in that process is no small contribution.

Moreover, you can make a real difference in your students’ lives by giving them much needed knowledge, inspiration and guidance, acting as an important role model. You might be surprised how good paying it forward really does feel.

Final Thoughts

Your desire for a professional change may stem from many different feelings, but what’s really important is finding the right solution. If you are a native level English speaker, then teaching English abroad might be a meaningful and truly satisfying option for starting a new chapter in your life. Check out LanguageCorps’ programs to explore our many different locations throughout Asia, Europe and Latin America, and find the best fit for you.

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