Popular Myths About Teaching Abroad

Here at LanguageCorps we’ve had the honor of working with a lot of great teachers, and training future teachers for their TEFL certification to go teach English abroad. Unfortunately, there are many potentially awesome teachers we haven’t worked with, simply because they won’t enroll in our program due to myths they’ve heard about teaching abroad. Here are the top three myths we hear about ALL the time:

You have to know how to speak the local language: Actually, most schools don’t want you to speak the local language to students in order to encourage them to learn English. So not knowing how to speak Italian is okay if you want to Teach English in Italy, for example – you might even consider it to be an advantage!

It’s dangerous to teach English abroad: While it’s always advised to exercise common sense and caution when overseas (like you wouldn’t walk around carrying a bunch of money in your hands, or cross the street without looking both ways), it’s actually as safe where you’ll be living and working as it is in most U.S. cities. All of our Training Centers, most schools, and teacher accommodations are located in or near primary and secondary cities in our assignment countries, and we take great care in placing our Centers in fun, attractive, safe areas.

I have to get a teaching degree in order to teach English overseas: Not true!  Many of our Programs do not require a college degree, and even where we do, no particular major is required. Once you have been accepted to our program we teach you everything You need to know to earn TEFL certification, which is widely recognized by EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teaching schools and programs as the mark of a well trained, highly qualified EFL teacher.

Remember, there’s never a dumb question when it comes to deciding if you want to go teach English abroad, but if you don’t ask us, we can’t help!

What are other myths you have heard about teaching English abroad?

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