A LanguageCorps participant who is about to begin Teaching English in Peru checked in via email recently, and we are thrilled to hear that she’s having a great time!  LanguageCorps TEFL program in Peru includes an optional stay with a host family, and this participant seemed to particularly enjoy that aspect of the experience (a great way to see the local culture first hand, and of course experience some amazing food!)

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Hi Linda,

Please forgive my delay in reply. I have been backpacking through Peru for a few weeks now. The TEFL course in Cusco was awesome! I could not have asked for a better teacher! The school even hired me to begin teaching in November! I am really excited for this opportunity! I also was very pleased with the family house that I was staying with for the first five weeks! It was a great way to view the life of a Peruvian family and was introduced to some amazing meals!! Thanks for all the help you have offered! I really appreciate everything!


Macchu Picchu, one of the most popular destinations in Peru


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