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LanguageCorps Review: Italy

We were so glad to hear from Anna recently.  She thoroughly enjoyed LanguageCorps TEFL certification course in Sardinia, Italy, and is now teaching English in Pescara, Italy.  Good for Anna!


The course in Alghero was awesome.  It was VERY intense and nothing like I had imagined. Had some time to explore Alghero on the weekends.

I am actually in Pescara, Italy teaching part time at an Inlingua school.  I will also study Italain while I am here to justify my Student Visa.  After the course I worked for ACLE.  I applied for this position while back in the states in March.  I had the opportunity to teach at a camp in Milano and Brescia. Both were great experiences.
If you have any questions or need me to post a recommendation somewhere, please let me know.  Thank you for all of your help!



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