As a company that has helped thousands of people to Teach English Abroad, we always love hearing about people’s adventures overseas!  The other day we received an email from Thomas in Vietnam, and it made us smile.  We always do our very best to make sure that everybody has a positive experience teaching english abroad, but at the end of the day, there’s only SO much we can do, and each individual is going to have his or her own unique adventure living internationally.

So it’s very gratifying (and I don’t mean to brag, but sometimes I can’t help it) when we receive glowing reviews of LanguageCorps’ programs from people like Tom that are having a blast teaching abroad!

Check out his LanguageCorps review below:

Linda and Ginny–

I am emailing to thank you for your help getting me into LanguageCorps. I have been teaching in Ho Chi Minh City now for 3 weeks. I am very happy. I truly enjoy teaching and living in Vietnam.

I have been impressed with LanguageCorps all through the process. It seems like just yesterday that  I was speaking with Ginny about signing up for the LanguageCorps Program (actually it was 7 months ago). I remember the conversation well….you were very helpful and kind. And Linda you did a great job coordinating everything. You managed the process very well.

The actual training program in Cambodia and Vietnam was great. It was challenging but also fun. I am now teaching at the biggest (and probably best) school in Ho Chi Minh City. When I interviewed they told me that teachers who came from LanguageCorps were the best prepared. They had the best training. And, importantly, also had all the right documents.

I have to single-out one person who is spectacular here… Ms. Hien. She is adored by everyone who goes through LanguageCorps in Ho Chi Minh City. She is a great teacher….and also something of a Godmother to all of us here! She goes way out of her way to help everyone.

So…thanks again. I am very glad I signed up for LanguageCorps.

Best Regards,


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