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Job Opportunity for Former ESL Teachers

Just a quick note to let you know about a job opportunity that came across my desk today.  This recruiter is specifically interested in former ESL teachers and people with experience teaching English abroad, for a technical writing position in Madison, WI.

Check it out here:

To quote this recruiter on why she is looking for people with experience teaching English abroad:

“I actually spent some time Teaching English in Spain before working as a recruiter, and our program director occasionally sends out ESL teaching positions in the US to the alumni of the program.  I also realized that ESL teachers could be great Technical Writers given that I actually learned a lot of technicalities of the English language when learning Spanish and when teaching English to others, especially considering we don’t require experience in the field and have entry-level positions available.”

This is just one example of the many opportunities that become available to LanguageCorps teachers after teaching abroad.  We’ve heard from former teachers that have gone into teaching, International Relations, finance, sales and marketing and on and on.  While the US and European economies are showing signs of improvement, it is still a pretty tough job market for recent college grads.  What better way to pad your resume than teaching English abroad?  Spending time working abroad demonstrates flexibility, leadership and adaptability to perspective employers, and international experience is a great way to make your resume jump out from that pile on top of the HR person’s desk.

A couple other examples of what LanguageCorps teachers of post teaching abroad career paths:

  • Jake in Cambodia founds a fair trade fashion company, goes on to receive a Fullbright Scholarship and is now excelling in sales and marketing:
  • From teaching abroad to teaching in the US:
  • LanguageCorps Partnership with American University:
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