Personal tutoring is a financially sustainable and intellectually engaging avenue of freelance employment. Moreover, due to the competitive job climate, parents are increasingly motivated to find a tutor for their child who can help them achieve reputable academic qualifications to improve their employability prospects. As a result, it is important you advertise your tutoring services effectively in order to secure successful tutoring work. If you travel or work aboard, online networking is an excellent way to remain in contact with students; offering interactive online homework sessions and educational consultations. Moreover, if you have recently moved to a new country, you can use a wealth of online resources to connect you with tutoring networks and associations within your new area. Listed below are some of the most lucrative ways in which you can market your tutoring services online, in order to successfully promote your services to a vast online audience.

Online Tutoring Agencies

Online tutoring agencies are a highly effective method through which you can advertise and execute your tutoring services. By affiliating yourself with these sites, you can be matched to students who require your particular areas of expertise. Moreover, one of the distinct benefits of aligning yourself with these online agencies is that you will be represented and supported by a credible network which grants you access to valuable educational resources to supplement your tutoring sessions. For example, online tutoring organisation Maths Doctorprovides professional tutoring, accreditation, and a range of teaching support materials for all tutors during and after their training“.  If you work abroad or travel frequently, these agencies enable you to tutor a range of different students by facilitating online discussions; you can assign interactive homework help sessions and introduce your students to various interactive educational resources. Educational experts such as Jason Ohler have enthused about the benefits of these online tutoring facilities; declaring that interactive learning tools stimulate children’s interest in education because you are ‘speaking their own language with their tools’. Many children possess a keen interest in technology and these online tutoring agencies enables you to actively engage with your students using resources with which they are familiar.

Parental advice forums

The vast success of social media networks and online discussion forums means that there are now a wealth of websites which cater to specific topics. For example, there are several parental advice sites whereupon parents interact and discuss a wealth of issues; from baby advice to school preferences. This provides you with a lucrative opportunity to advertise your services directly to parents who require your tutoring services for their children. Sites such as Cafémom host local discussion groups about daily parental issues. If you have recently moved abroad you can subscribe to these sites, locate a discussion board relevant to your region, and begin to promote your newly available local tutoring services. This permits you to cultivate a friendly, trustworthy relationship with a new community of parents; thereby consolidating their trust and confidence in your services and recommending your tutoring capabilities to other parents within your area. By regularly participating with online forums and blogs, you can simultaneously promote your tutoring services and glean exclusive insights and advice about working and living abroad as a tutor.

Facebook Ads

According to recent statistics, approximately 1.11 billion worldwide users frequent Facebook each month. This presents you with a vital resource through which you can market your tutoring services to prospective clients. By investing in a Facebook advertisement, you can publicize your tutoring services online for a small fee. If you already have a Facebook page, or a tutoring website, simply click ‘Create an ad’ and you can link your advert to your pre-existing Facebook page or website. You will be presented with a series of easy-to-navigate steps which allow you to customise your own advertisement in order to professionally display your tutoring capabilities. Facebook even grants you the ability to tailor your advertisements to specifically target certain demographics. Subsequently, you can specialise your advert according to geographical location, age, etc. By implementing these customisations, Facebook can market your tutoring services more efficiently towards your intended audience, thereby increasing your chances of acquiring and sustaining employment as a tutor.

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