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From Teaching English in Barcelona to Teaching Yoga in Cambodia!

Here at LanguageCorps we believe that Teaching English Abroad can truly be a life changing experience.  Traveling is one of the best ways to develop and clarify your goals, your outlook on life, and your place in the world.  And we firmly believe that Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) is one of the best ways to make extended travel a reality.

But while we know for sure what WE believe, it’s always great to hear from alumni of our programs, especially those that truly make the most of their experience living and working abroad.  We recently received a letter from a participant in our Barcelona TESOL certification program, and we thought it was such a good story that we wanted to share it with everyone!  From teaching in Barcelona to teaching Yoga in Cambodia, this person really shows just how much is possible while teaching English abroad!  You can check out her letter below.

“LanguageCorps opened up opportunities for me that I never before envisioned. I am so thankful for the course not only because I thoroughly enjoyed my time as a teacher, but also because it is such a useful tool and a comfort to be traveling with. With the TESOL certificate I really can venture anywhere in the world and find work.

I stayed in Barcelona teaching private lessons and working at a language school (Access Academy) for about 4 months. Even before I was hired by the academy I found it pretty easy to find people to tutor privately via the internet. Through my private classes alone I was able to make enough money to live in Barcelona and thoroughly enjoy the many wonders the city has to offer.

As it started to get cold in Barcelona (and I am a big fan of warm weather) I had some friends who also were teaching in Barcelona who were moving to Thailand to continue teaching in Southeast Asia. I said I would go for a month long vacation and planned on returning to Barcelona. However as I quickly fell in love with the area and the extremely low cost of living in Asia, I found it just as easy, maybe even easier, to find work in Phuket Thailand.

I worked for a few months finishing out the school year and taught the summer session at Kajon Kiet (a large Thai school). While in Thailand I continued my Yoga practice and while on a visa run to a yoga center in Cambodia, found a meditation group I was really enjoying.  Now 4 months later I find myself back at the Yoga center working as a full time employee teaching Yoga, working the PR for the center, and teaching the Khmer Staff English! I continue to keep in touch with several wonderful friends I met in Barcelona and do see myself returning to the city at some point in the not so so distant future.

I do realize this is a bit of a run around story, but my path was jump started by the LanguageCorps course.  I am loving everyday of my life and am so thankful for this whole course of events. Thank you!”

All the best,


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