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Five Things I Learned During TEFL Training in Florence, Italy

Today I am Pleased to Introduce a Guest Post from Jessica, a graduate of LanguageCorps TEFL Course in Florence, Italy!  Check it out for some insight into the four week TEFL training course that is the starting point for Teaching English in Italy!


“When they say it’s an intensive course, they mean it!”

Four weeks, 120 hours, making lesson plans, studying grammar, writing papers, doing research– it was a lot! But on graduation day, it made receiving that TEFL certificate just that much sweeter.

A long day of practice teaching and grammar work can be easily brightened by a chocolate festival.

During our third week of the course, Florence held its annual chocolate festival, and it was right outside the doors of our school in La Piazza Della Repubblica. Need I say more?

There are a TON of different reasons why someone may need to learn English.

For example, a high school student trying to go to college in the US. Or a businessman who needs to speak with international clients. Maybe a doctor who wants to be able to give a presentation at a seminar in Australia. Each student has different goals and needs, which is great for us ESL teachers, because it means there is a big demand for English lessons!

There’s demand for ESL teachers all over the world, even back at home!

There are some countries that need teachers so badly that English schools will pay for a teacher’s apartment, living expenses AND throw in a salary! This also means that getting a TEFL certificate is a great way to be able to work almost anywhere in the world.

In Italy, it’s completely acceptable to enjoy a nice glass of Chianti while studying for your grammar final exam.

The Italians have a great outlook on life– they enjoy every bite they eat, every drink they sip, and each day that they have on earth. So even though we were working hard on our TEFL certification course, we made sure we did it “the Italian way”.

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