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Another LanguageCorps Review from Thailand

We received an email from another satisfied LanguageCorps participant the other day, and I thought it gave a good glimpse into our unique TESOL certification programs in Asia. Following the training course, our staff helped him to find a paid teaching job in Bangkok, Thailand, and we’re happy to hear that he is loving it!

We believe our teach abroad programs in Asia offer a unique opportunity to live and work in multiple locations in the region, and it’s always great to hear that people agree with us.

Check out Hunter’s words below, and give us a shout if you think teaching English abroad might be for you!

“The course was great, I not only had a great time, but also learned so much and have definitely applied what I learned from LanguageCorps to my practice teaching, and at the new school I have already used some classroom management tactics and activities straight out of the LanguageCorps book. The fact that I had a great group and was able to bond with everyone (there were only 10 of us) definitely helped me enjoy the training experience, but the course material/accommodations/help with visas etc. would have been excellent either way.

Cambodia was amazing and beautiful; Phnom Penh was incredibly friendly and so very different from anywhere I had ever been before and the same goes for the two excursions to Siem Reap/Angkor Wat and Sihanoukville.

I started work today in Bangkok and moved into my apartment on Sunday..I’m working at a public high school in which i am one of three westerners..Like I said it has only been one day but so far I am loving it; the kids, the staff, and the general atmosphere is so energetic and everyone always seems so happy..I guess Thailand is called the land of smiles for a reason..The only downside is that there is no a/c in the classrooms or my apartment; I have never sweat so much in my life, but I suppose it does the body good so long as I can stay hydrated.”

Did you get inspired by Hunter’s words? Get your adventure started today!

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