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Adventures in Cambodia while Teaching English Abroad

Just received an email from a LanguageCorps alum currently Teaching English in Cambodia. Last we talked, he was planning on returning home to the states this February, but he just informed me that he likes Southeast Asia so much he’ll be extending his lease for at least another year.

It’s always a pleasure hearing from teachers, and of course it puts a big smile on my face to hear from someone that is having a fantastic experience Teaching English Abroad.

Here’s what this particular ESL teacher had to say:

“I’ve been out of the city without my computer the last four days. Took my new motto for a ride down south and did some hiking and slept in a hammock wherever I could find a good place to string it up for the night. It was fun, but I don’t think I’ve ever had so many pimples at one time before right now. There is so much dust on the roads this time of year. It was also a test run to see if I have it in me to drive myself up to Siem Reap. I’m thinking of circumnavigating the Tonle Sap lake over Chinese New Year. As far as coming back to the states in February, I just signed another one-year lease on my apartment at the end of December. I like it too much here to come home right now, at least much more than the corporate grind back in America.”

Check out LanguageCorps if that sounds appealing to you 😉


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