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A Glimpse of Life Post LanguageCorps

It’s fairly obvious that Teaching English Abroad is an incredible life experience.  It’s a great way to see the world and immerse yourself in a foreign culture, and most people agree that teaching abroad is an unforgettable, life changing adventure.

What might not be so obvious though, is that your adventure can also be a great resume builder.  Your experience abroad can be a great starting point for a career in education, international relations, business, or a wide variety of other fields where internationalism and versatility are highly valued.

In this economy, LanguageCorps participants often return home to a competitive job market.  But we hear from a lot of people who say that their experience teaching English abroad helped them to stand out from the crowd while interviewing for jobs, and ultimately proved invaluable in securing meaningful, rewarding work.

Check out an actual email from one such LanguageCorps teacher below!  It gives a first hand account of one persons experience returning home from an adventure in teaching English abroad, and looking for work in the US public school system.

Hi Ginny,

I couldn’t agree more! I think everyone needs an experience like this. It is so eye opening and life changing!

My job right now is a teacher assistant in a 1st grade classroom. My background is in elementary education so I was hoping for my own classroom but maybe next year! I think that my experience with LanguageCorps helped a lot. I was asked many questions about it in my interview and it was also great teaching experience for my field. The school where I got a job is in a very diverse area and we have over 52 languages spoken! The principal loved that I have the TEFL certification and knew that I would be comfortable with the diverse environment and be able to work with all types of families and students.

Even though I already have a background in teaching, I think this experience would be beneficial to anyone in any field!


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