If you want to teach English abroad successfully, you need to get a TEFL certificate.

There are numerous certification programs for teaching English, however the most commonly recognized most popular option is TEFL. And despite being so popular, there are still some things about the process that are not well known. Here are seven facts about TEFL certificates that are not easy to find, but are quite important for soon-to-be teachers.

1. There Are Very Few Age Limits

Everyone is welcome to go through the TEFL/TESOL certification programs, with very few age requirements. Whether you are a young graduate, are looking for a career break, or are a recently retired teacher, you are eligible for a TEFL/TESOL certificate.

While there are some age restrictions for LanguageCorps programs, the specifics vary by location, and most programs are pretty flexible.  So if you’d like to try something new and exciting and teaching abroad sounds like the right path for you, get in touch with us and see what is the best fit for you.

2. You Can Get A Teaching Job in The U.S.

Although most states require ESL teachers to be licensed by the state, some states also employ people with a TEFL or TESOL certificate and a four-year college degree, due to the great demand for such teachers across the nation.

Keep in mind that these jobs may come in the form of long-term substitution and you will likely be go through a state certification program if the job ends up being permanent.

3. The LanguageCorps Way of TEFL Certification

LanguageCorps gives you the opportunity to complete the four-week TEFL training on location in your destination country of choice.

An onsite certification program allows you to become familiar with your new home, while at the same time learning about teaching methodology and acquiring the skills you’ll need to lead your own classroom. All courses also include at least 6 hours of observed teaching practice.

4. You Can Even Get Certified Online

Being able to go through the training wherever and whenever is comfortable for you is invaluable.

Being able to go through the training wherever and whenever is comfortable for you is invaluable.

If you need more flexibility, online certification might be right for you. The 4-16-week schedule will give you enough time to complete the 150-hours of course work at your own pace, while still seeing to your other obligations (job, school, family etc). This course also included an practical teaching component, you will teach 6 hours to a live English student through Skype. It is a great way to get familiar with Online teaching.

The online training is a very popular way of getting certified, but the small class size – up to 25 people – ensures that you will receive individual help when needed.

LanguageCorps online certification options still include job search assistance, putting the pieces in place for you to teach English abroad in a variety of locations throughout the world.


5. A Degree Is Not Required

Although a college degree is necessary to obtain a paid job in some locations, it is not required in order to earn a TEFL certificate. That being said, the TEFL certificate itself isn’t a university or college degree.  Whether you already have a degree or not, getting certified and teaching abroad can give you some interesting ideas for further academic advancement. You never know what you are going to fall in love with while living abroad.

Head over to LanguageCorps Programs to find out more about the certification process and how LanguageCorps can help you teach English abroad. Our streamlined process will allow you to fully enjoy the experience of teaching in exotic locations around the globe.

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