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Combined TEFL

Have you been dreaming about TEFL Certification for ages, but is it impossible for you to leave your home country for a minimum of four weeks? We have great news for you! LanguageCorps offers a special Online + Onsite Combined Program in three locations: Costa Rica, Guatemala and Peru. The Combined Course can partly be done Online and only requires two weeks of In-Country Training.

The Combined Program is a practical and thorough training that includes a total of 150 hours. You will finish the first seven modules of the course at home through self-study. You can finish this part of the course at a pace that is right for you, although we encourage you to finish it within 4-12 weeks. It’s important to understand that you are responsible for making the most out your own learning. Your TEFL trainer will challenge and support you via email and 7 hours of Skype tutoring.

For the second part of the course, which includes classroom observations and the actual teaching practice, you will come to either Costa Rica, Guatemala and Peru. There are specific dates for the onsite part of the course, as you will be joining a group of students that participates in the traditional four-week TEFL course. In your last week, you will take over a real class at a language institute and teach five 60-minute lessons to non-native speakers of English. These classes are observed by your TEFL trainer who provides you with constructive feedback to improve your teaching style and increase your self-awareness.

Is your time limited, but are you eager to teach a classroom full of English learners as a part of your training?  Do you prefer to start the course at your own pace? Apply today!

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