Volunteer Teaching Abroad

The Volunteer Program is available in Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam. It is designed for those who want to spend a limited amount of time overseas. The basic program lasts eight weeks and includes an abbreviated TESOL course along with accommodations, excursions, medical insurance, cell phone, Corps Advocate support, and placement in an unpaid volunteer position. Additional weeks can easily be added to suit your timeframe.

The Volunteer Plus option allows you to obtain your TESOL certification by participating in our full four-week TESOL Certification course. This program is available in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam. The four-week TESOL course is an intense, approximately 140-hour program that will prepare you to teach EFL (English as a Foreign Language). In addition to classroom instruction in effective EFL teaching principles and techniques, you will learn how to plan lessons, conduct effective classroom activities, and implement what you have learned in practice teaching sessions with local EFL students. The course also includes local language and cultural awareness training, and programs in Latin America include homestays during training. With Volunteer Plus, additional weeks can also be added.

Along with your volunteer placement, you will have the use of a cell phone, medical insurance and Corps Advocate support throughout your volunteer assignment. Details on the volunteer assignments and program elements vary by country. Please see the country pages you are interested in for specifics about the Volunteer or Volunteer Plus program(s) in that location.