TESOL Plus Programs

The TESOL Plus Program is available in Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Ecuador and Mexico. It includes the same four-week TESOL certification course and job placement assistance as the TESOL Certification Program. TESOL Plus also includes accommodations and travel insurance, as well as other support services which vary by country, including tours, visa support, and daily transportation to the training center. Please refer to the individual country pages for specific details on what is included.

While the particular details of the four-week TESOL course vary in each country, all include approximately 140 hours of training, with a minimum of 6 hours of actual teaching practice. In addition to classroom instruction in effective EFL teaching principles and techniques, you will learn how to plan lessons, conduct effective classroom activities, and implement what you have learned in practice teaching sessions with local EFL students.

In the Asia locations, the course also includes approximately 30 hours of local language and cultural-awareness training that is designed to:

  • Give you the local language skills necessary for daily life in your program country
  • Put you in the learner's seat, re-acquainting you with the struggle to acquire a new language
  • Let you be part of the learning process
  • Provide a major cultural overview and orientation to local customs - what's polite and acceptable, how to fit in, the importance of making an effort toward understanding, etc.

Job search assistance is provided during the four-week program, and, job placements have been very successful in all locations. Please see the country pages you are interested in for specifics about the TESOL Plus program in that location.