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Teach English in Vietnam

Housing & Communication

During training, LanguageCorps TESOL Plus, Flagship and Volunteer Program participants stay in private rooms in small boutique hotels very close to the Training Center. Rooms typically have air-conditioning, a private bath, and are clean and nicely furnished.

For Flagship Program participants, if necessary, housing will be provided for an additional week following training, after which time you should have secured a job, and you will be responsible for paying for your housing. If you have not secured a job in the primary service area by this time, and are seriously pursuing all job leads, housing may be continued at the Corps Advocates' discretion. Once your job assignment is secured, the Corps Advocate and hiring school will assist you in locating a local apartment near the hiring school.

Typical apartments are small, but most are comfortable and stylish, with air conditioning and Western appliances. Houses usually have 3-4 bedrooms that you can share with roommates. Often, a one month security deposit and the first month's rent is required at the time of rental.

An international cell phone will be available to all program participants ($75 fee for lost phone). LanguageCorps Flagship Program participants are provided with a cell phone for the duration of their time in Vietnam, including a SIM chip for Vietnamese and international calling, and initial pre-paid phone minutes.

You will be given access to the Internet at the Training Center during training. Most hiring schools have internet access available to teachers during school hours. Public internet cafes are also available. They usually charge about US$1.00 per hour.

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