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Teach English in Cambodia

Country Overview

With its history of war now an increasingly distant memory, Cambodia has become one of the must-visit destinations in Southeast Asia. Pristine beaches, ancient temples and exotic jungle, are just some of the compelling attractions of the country.

As the capitol, Phnom Penh is the political and commercial center of the country, and the city is home to over one million people. Once considered the most beautiful of all cities in French Indo-China, much of the city's colonial charm has survived the violent decades the country and its people have experienced since independence. Beautiful (if somewhat dilapidated) public buildings and private villas are a lovely part of the legacy left by the country's French rulers. Phnom Penh also offers travelers the Royal Palace, the Silver Pagoda and the excellent National Museum, plus a wide selection of hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars.

While many areas of the city are booming, with a beautiful riverfront and lively nightlife, it is hard to escape the poverty and the fact that many Cambodians are still struggling to survive. However, the economy in Cambodia is beginning to flourish, and its residents have a strong need and desire to learn English.

Pannasastra University of Cambodia and Languagecorps are pleased to announce the launch of a new educational project which will lead to earning a M.Ed. degree with a specialty in TESOL, and which recognizes course work already completed as part of the requirements for the LanguageCorps TESOL certification.

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