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Teach English in Taiwan

Want to Teach English in Taiwan?


Taiwan is a small island country off the southeast coast of mainland China. Also known as Formosa, it is the largest island of the Republic of China (ROC) in East Asia. Since the end of World War II in 1945, the island group has been under the government of the Republic of China. A hybrid of cultures, at various times the people of Taiwan have been ruled by the Dutch, Chinese, Imperial Japanese, postwar China and even, arguably, the United States. A democracy and autonomous state now, the culture of Taiwan still bears the marks of these foreign powers. The official language of Taiwan is Mandarin Chinese and the most popular foreign language in Taiwan is English, which is part of the regular school curriculum. Taiwan is a safe, well developed country, with a rich Chinese cultural history and great opportunities to teach English.

Training & Certification

LanguageCorps offers the following Program in Taiwan:

  • TeachTaiwan

This program provides a comprehensive blend of training and orientation, pre-departure job placement, and services to support you while you teach English in Taiwan, helping to ensure that you have a secure, rewarding adventure.

TESOL Training and Certification

The TeachTaiwan Program begins with an intensive TESOL training and Certification phase. Click here for details of the TESOL certification. The 4-week TESOL training program takes place in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and includes two great weekend excursions. You will also have a chance to meet participants in the other Asian programs, extending your LanguageCorps network and making great contacts for future travel or vacations while you teach English in Taiwan. At the end of the four-week certification phase you will travel to your destination city to begin your position teaching English in Taiwan.

Job Placement

Your teaching position will be at one of our affiliated schools located throughout Taiwan. You will typically be teaching English to Taiwanese children, but you may also teach adults. Taiwan offers small class sizes and eager students who enjoy learning English. Job placements require flexibility on your part, but if you are accepted into the TeachTaiwan Program, we will work with you to place you in a position to teach English in Taiwan with good pay and benefits. There may be a short period of time between the end of training and the beginning of your contract to teach English in Taiwan. Most people view this as a great opportunity to fit in a little travel before the job starts!

The TeachTaiwan Program includes:

  • Pre-departure information and assistance
  • Work visa support
  • One-year enrollment in Travelerís and evacuation insurance to cover you while you train and travel abroad
  • Medical insurance coverage while you are teaching in Taiwan
  • Airport pick-up in Phnom Penh, city tour, welcome dinner, and orientation
  • 4-week intensive TESOL training and certification at our training center at Pannassastra University in Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • Cell phone for use during the training program in Cambodia
  • 3 day excursion to Siem Reap and Angkor Wat, the 7th Wonder of the Ancient World, during your time in Cambodia
  • A weekend excursion to the beautiful beaches of Sihanoukville in Cambodia
  • Housing during training in Phnom Penh
  • Pre-departure teaching job in Taiwan with salary of around NT$55,000-58,000 per month (approximately US$1,850-2,000)
  • Up to four weeks vacation
  • Assistance in finding accommodations in Taiwan

The TeachTaiwan Program Fee is US$2,495.


The following are NOT included:

  • Meals and personal expenses
  • Airfare to Cambodia and to Taiwan
  • Visa expenses

Note: To ensure placement in the program you desire, we advise applying two to six months prior to your intended start date. Late placements are sometimes possible; please contact us immediately if you are applying less than two months before your desired start date.

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