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Teach English in Ecuador

Job Prospects & Pay:

Most Teachers are placed with private language institutes, private schools, or occasionally University language departments.

Wages average between US$600 and US$800 a month over a year, but actual wages can vary considerably month to month. Expenses are quite reasonable, however, with rent running US$100-$300 per month per person. Considering that utilities tend to be around US$25 a month, while restaurants, markets, entertainment, travel and public transportation are all quite cheap, it is not uncommon for Teachers to save a small amount of money.

The Chart below offers some APPROXIMATE information about average teacher salaries and costs of living in Ecuador. Salaries can vary based on specific assignments. Living expenses and Discretionary Cash can vary widely based on lifestyle and spending practices of individuals. (Monthly figures in US$ equivalents, based on 10-12 month commitment)

Monthly Salary
Typical Living Expenses
Discretionary Cash (monthly)
Discretionary Cash (annualized)
1. Although the Chart presents salaries and living costs in US dollar equivalents, LanguageCorps teachers are typically paid in the local currency of the assignment country.
2. Approximate salary ranges are based on 10-12 month paid teaching assignments. Salary for shorter-term assignments may be on the lower end of the displayed range.
3. Some teachers earn additional income by doing private tutoring.
* Benefits vary depending upon the school, and may include full or partial reimbursement of airfare, free housing, medical insurance and/or an end of year bonus.

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