Reality Can Bite
by Lorna Stern. Gives you a beginner's perspective on the realities of those first few days overseas - from someone who's now a well experienced international traveler and developer of overseas education and adventure programs for colleges and universities.

My Day as a Teacher
(Seth Leighton, The Glimpse)

Work in Thailand: Teaching English Can Be Just the Beginning
(Seth Leighton, Transitions Abroad)

Tips for the Thai Classroom
(Seth Leighton, Ajarn)

Wan Khun Khru: Teacher's Day
(Seth Leighton, Ajarn)

Transitions in Thailand
(Seth Leighton)

Taking the Plunge: A Sauna Experience in Korea
(Megan Price, The Glimpse)

The Orange Sofa Mission: Pilfering Furniture in Korea
(Megan Price, The Glimpse)

Interview With An EFL Teacher In Mexico
(Katie Rice, TEFLLogue)

Global Competency
(Jed Willard, NAFSA Global Workforce Development)

Restless in Mexico
(Anna Jolley, Abroad View)

Students Increasingly Risk-Averse and Isolationist?
(Jed Willard, Bridges)

World Learning partners with LanguageCorps to promote citizen diplomacy
(Justin Trullinger & Jed Willard, OurWorld)

A Very Good Day
(Tyrel Nelson,

A second look at Quito's churches
(Tyrel Nelson,

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