Some Common Questions about our Application Process

"What is the interview for TeachChina and Volunteer Programs like, and why is it important?"

After we review your Application information, a LanguageCorps team member will contact you to schedule a brief telephone interview to:

  • Learn more about your goals and expectations for your overseas teaching adventure
  • Affirm that you have excellent English speaking skills
  • Verify your academic credentials
  • Finalize when and where you want to go, and other logistics details
  • Answer your remaining questions to get you on your way

The interview is our best way to learn more about you as a prospective LanguageCorps teacher, and to insure we can create the best possible match between your interests in an overseas teaching adventure, and the needs of our Partner Schools and their students.

"How does LanguageCorps decide whether to accept my Application?"

Certainly, excellent native-English speaking skills and academic credentials are very important criteria in our accepting you as a new LanguageCorps teacher. We also want to be sure that you have the flexibility and curiosity that are key to your living comfortably and working effectively in a new, different cultural environment - and to making you a good teacher! Perhaps most important of all, we want to insure that you have the kind of outgoing enthusiasm and charisma to shine at the head of a classroom. This should be a fun adventure, for you and for your students!

"How long does the process take? When will I know that I'm accepted into the program?"

Typically, the process of evaluating and accepting new Flagship, TeachChina or Volunteer Program Applicants takes about 5-10 business days. TESOL Certification and TESOL Plus Program Applicants typically know the result of their application within 72 business hours.


Still have some questions before Applying?

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