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    Interested in teaching English abroad, but not sure where you want to go? Check out this list of Five of the Best Places to Teach English Abroad in 2015!

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  • Photo Contest Winner Announced!

    We are very pleased to announce the winners of the 2014 LanguageCorps Media Contest! We were truly amazed at the quality of work we received, and it was very hard to pick just three winners.

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  • Want to earn a scholarship to a top grad program?

    American University is offering a scholarship to all LanguageCorps teachers and alumni who are admitted to one of the School of International Services' graduate programs. They've also waived the application fee!

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  • What are you doing for the next year of your life?

    LanguageCorps can help you create a personal adventure in teaching English abroad. You'll live in and experience another culture, travel, and get paid to teach English.

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Teach English Abroad!

Thinking about an overseas adventure? Want to broaden your horizons, achieve personal goals, and build your resume with a life-changing international experience?

Let LanguageCorps show you how. Our innovative programs empower you to create a personal adventure in teaching English abroad. You'll live in another culture, travel, and gain professional paid work experience.

Apply today!

We offer a variety of TESOL Certification Programs in Asia (Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam); Europe (Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Spain and Russia); Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama and Peru); and The Middle East/Africa (Morocco, Turkey. These TESOL / TEFL courses provide the certification you'll need to qualify for ESL jobs overseas. We also offer TESOL Plus Programs in Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Ecuador and Mexico, offering a comprehensive suite of features to make your experience teaching English abroad as smooth as possible.

Our Flagship Program combines TESOL / TEFL training and certification with a suite of additional features, including:

The TeachChina Program and the TeachTaiwan Program both address the high demand for English teachers in these popular countries by combining comprehensive TESOL / TEFL training and certification, with pre-arranged job placement and significant financial incentives.

For those with limited time, our short-term Volunteer Program is available in Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam. It combines TESOL / TEFL training with the opportunity to volunteer teach at a local orphanage or similar facility. An incredible opportunity to make a difference in the life of a child!

If you're a working professional or a full-time student, you might appreciate the flexibility of our Online TEFL Certification Program. This Program allows you to earn the credentials you need to teach English abroad - at your own pace, and from the comfort of your own home.

In spite of the current difficult economic conditions, now is a great time to teach English abroad. The availability of paid teaching positions remains high in all of our international locations. Apply now to begin your personalized adventure in teaching English abroad!

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I wanted to let you know that my teaching experience and TESOL certificate helped me get work in NYC! I just got a position as an Assistant Editor at a major educational publisher in their Reading textbooks department. The editor who interviewed me loved the fact that I had both teaching experience and the TESOL because it will be especially helpful when editing the Teacher's Editions (also, their textbooks are expanding their ESL sections). This extra experience allowed me to start out in a higher position than I would ordinarily have been able to with no prior experience in publishing. So thanks LanguageCorps!

- Adam, Vietnam

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