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Want to Teach English Abroad, but not sure where to start?

LanguageCorps can help.

Do you want to live overseas, travel internationally, and gain professional work experience at the same time? Want to to develop cross-cultural and leadership skills while giving back to the global community? Do you simply need a break from academics or your current career? For all of these goals, teaching English abroad with LanguageCorps is the perfect fit.

To be successful, you need an internationally recognized TESOL, TEFL or CELTA certification, from a reputable provider that will support you along the way. Since 2003, LanguageCorps has helped thousands of teachers obtain their certification and thrive as English teachers abroad. You can count on our friendly experts to help you make sense of all the available options, select the best location and timeframe for your training, and get started teaching English overseas.

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Want more information? Download our free E-Brochure, "TESOL 101: An Intro to Teaching English Abroad"

Our TESOL, TEFL, and CELTA Programs:

The minimum commitment for our onsite training programs is four weeks, however we also offer an Online TEFL Certification Program which provides maximum flexibility.

  • Our Short Term Volunteer and Volunteer Plus Programs in Southeast Asia combine TESOL training and placement in a volunteer teaching position.
  • All training programs except Volunteer include lifetime, worldwide job search assistance to find a paid teaching position.
  • Paid teaching contracts typically range from several months to a year; some teachers stay multiple years!
  • Support features, such as accommodations, excursions and local language lessons, vary by location and program.
  • Our unique TeachChina and TeachTaiwan programs combine TESOL training with pre-departure job placement support in these high-demand regions.
  • All programs are accredited.

Whether you're a recent college grad, a student taking a semester off, a working professional taking a career-break, or just ready to try something new, LanguageCorps can help you teach English abroad. So don't hesitate to reach out or apply today!

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I wanted to let you know that my teaching experience and TESOL certificate helped me get work in NYC! I just got a position as an Assistant Editor at a major educational publisher in their Reading textbooks department. The editor who interviewed me loved the fact that I had both teaching experience and the TESOL because it will be especially helpful when editing the Teacher's Editions (also, their textbooks are expanding their ESL sections). This extra experience allowed me to start out in a higher position than I would ordinarily have been able to with no prior experience in publishing. So thanks LanguageCorps!



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